Andrew P. Johnson has been processing EB-5 Green card applications for the last 17 years. Mr. Johnson’s immigration law firm has represented applicants applying for the EB-5 visa from numerous countries around the world. Moreover, the primary issue with EB-5 applicants is proving the legal origin of funds for the EB-5 investment. Andrew P. Johnson is a requested speaker regarding EB-5 origin of funds. He has spoken to EB-5 investors groups in numerous countries abroad such as Istanbul, Turkey, Moscow, Russia, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Tbilisi, Georgia.

In 2013, Andrew P. Johnson was invited to speak to over 30 United Nation Ambassadors regarding the EB-5 visa investor program. In 2015, Mr. Johnson was invited to Washington DC to speak to over 40 United States Ambassadors about the EB-5 investment program. Based on Andrew P Johnson’s experience regarding EB- 5 origin of funds, he has been invited to speak on Podcasts that go into intricate detail regarding the numerous ways in which EB-5 investors can prove their origin of funds. In addition, Mr. Johnson was invited to participate in a podcast to explain how to overcome the difficulty of transferring EB-5 investment funds out of a country that restricts individuals from moving personal funds abroad.

Andrew P. Johnson offers free consultation regarding the EB-5 green card program and he will review an applicant’s origin of funds, and if there are complications, Mr. Johnson will suggest legal routes and provide examples of legal ways in which to prove origin of funds to US CIS (the adjudicating Government Agency which evaluates the EB-5 investment application).

Finally, many EB-5 applicants primary question is “Which regional center should I choose for my EB-5 investment?” Mr. Johnson was interviewed on a podcast in which he explains the safety mechanisms EB-5 applicants should look for when they choose a regional center project. Most applicants want to see protection clauses within the private placement memorandum and completion guarantees by the developer and other safety measures which reduce the risk of having the EB-5 green card application denied. In the podcast, Andrew P. Johnson delves into intricate detail of what specific contractual clauses an EB-5 applicant should look for in a regional center project.

The Law Offices Andrew P. Johnson has handled EB-5 clients throughout the World, which is advantageous because US CIS requires specific documentation depending on nationality of the EB-5 applicant. Our staff speaks over 10 languages and we offer a free consultation regarding the eligibility of a potential EB-5 applicant.

Step-by-Step Timelines and Flowcharts for EB-5 green card process

Procedures and Timeline for Regional Center/Investor Filings

Investors file EB-5 petitions (Form I-526)

  • approximate processing time 12 months or more (Processing times can and do vary)

Regional center files Form I-924A, annual reporting form

  • filed annually

Investors file petition for removal of conditions (Form I-829)

  • 21 to 24 months after investor becomes conditional permanent resident
  • approximate processing time 12 months or more (Processing times can and do vary)


Timeline for Receipt of

EB-5 Money by New Regional Center

Step Estimated Time Notes
EB-5 Investors filing I-526 Petitions 3 months or more Processing time can vary
EB-5 Investors receive 2 year permanent residency card 12-15 months Processing time can vary
EB-5 Investors file I-826 to 21 month from the date of 2 year green card 12 months or more Government processing time as of January Received 10 year green card
File N-400 for citizenship 5-7 months from initial green card 4 months Received US citizenship (optional) Applicant can choose to only have green card status